Synthex Optimum Elite Full Synthetic HD ATF

Product Description

Synthex Optimum Elite Full Synthetic HD ATF is a high-viscosity, multi-vehicle full synthetic heavy-duty automatic transmission fluid designed for exceptional performance in a myriad of heavy-duty truck and passenger vehicle automatic transmission fluid applications. This product is formulated with synthetic base oils and a premium performance additive package to provide outstanding oxidation stability, frictional properties, resistance to sludge and varnish, and anti-wear protection. This ATF provides optimal frictional characteristics to prevent stick, slip or shudder as well as excellent shudder durability to provide smooth shifting and clutch performance throughout the lifetime of the product.



  • 12/1-Qt
  • 3/5-Qt
  • 1 Gal
  • Pail
  • Drum
  • Tote
  • Flexitank