Synthex Optimum Multi-Purpose ATF

Product Description

Synthex Optimum Multi-Purpose ATF is a quality automatic transmission fluid which is suitable for use in applications which require GM Dexron III or Ford Mercon specification fluids as well as most other pre-2006 ATF applications. This product is formulated with group II paraffinic base stocks and a performance additive package to provide adequate anti-shudder, anti-oxidant, anti-wear, and anti-foam properties. This oil is also suitable for use as a power steering fluid, hydraulic fluid, and/or industrial fluid when a “Dexron III/Mercon” type ATF is recommended.

Suitable for Use

  • GM Dexron III-H, II-E, II
  • Ford Mercon
  • Allison C-4, TES-389

NOT Recommended for Ford Type F Fluids, or any ATF application specification newer than 2006, such as Dexron VI, Mercon V, or Mercon LV.



  • 12/1-Qt
  • 3/5-Qt
  • 1 Gal
  • Pail
  • Drum
  • Tote
  • Flexitank