Synthex Probus Elite Synthetic EP Gear Oil ISO VG 150

Product Description

Synthex Probus Elite Synthetic EP Gear Oils is a premium full synthetic multi-functional gear lubricants formulated for outstanding performance in applications which require a compounded synthetic extreme pressure oil. Synthex Probus Elite oils are formulated with the use of synthetic API Group III, Group IV, and Group V base stocks. The result is an optimal combination of adequate film strength across all temperatures with excellent fluidity at low temperatures and outstanding oxidative stability. A comprehensive additive package which includes extreme pressure agents, anti-oxidants, metal passivators, demulsfiers, and defoamer ensures performance in even the most demanding settings.

Suitable for Use

AIST 224, David Brown S1.53.101 (E), AGMA 9005-E02



  • 12/1-Qt
  • 3/5-Qt
  • 1 Gal
  • Pail
  • Drum
  • Tote
  • Flexitank