Synthex Probus EP Gear Oil ISO VG 68

Product Description

SYNTHEX PROBUS EXTREME PRESSURE (EP) GEAR OIL 68 is formulated with highly-refined paraffinic base stocks plus extreme pressure performance additives specially designed to impart enhanced film strength. These specialty anti-scuffing compounds, which provide advanced protection and lubricity in extreme pressure conditions, consist of sulfur-phosphorous based EP technology for modification of gear rubbing surfaces to prevent welding and galling from inadequate film strength. Furthermore, SYNTHEX PROBUS EXTREME PRESSURE GEAR OIL ISO 68 EP is formulated to resist and provide extra protection against rust, oxidation, foaming, moisture and varnish.

Suitable for Use

  • DIN 51517-3 (CLP)
  • AGMA EP 9005-E02
  • U.S. Steel 224



  • 12/1-Qt
  • 3/5-Qt
  • 1 Gal
  • Pail
  • Drum
  • Tote
  • Flexitank